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Maternity Reflexology #01

Preconception through to Postnatal Care...

Maternity reflexology helps to support you on your journey from preconception through to Postnatal care. The fact that it has been shown to reduce stress and anxiety makes reflexology beneficial to the mother during pregnancy. Nearer the birth, reducing stress and staying calm will benefit both the mother and child.

To help support this maternity reflexology can help with:

: nausea
: backache
: rib pain
: symphysis pubic pain
: fatigue
: mood swings
: insomnia
: sciatica

As your due date nears...

Studies have shown that regular maternity reflexology treatments during pregnancy can lead to a shorter labour with less medical intervention (Valiani met al 2010.) Feeling more relaxed will help support your body to go into labour naturally rather than if you are feeling anxious and stressed.

Maternity Reflexology support for preconception through to postnatal...

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