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About Reflexology. sunflower

What is reflexology?...

The art of reflexology has been practised since ancient Egyptian times and helps to restore balance and harmony within all the bodily systems. This is achieved by using pressure to stimulate reflex points on the feet or hands which correspond to organs,glands and parts of the body. The whole of the body is represented on both feet which is why a great sense of relaxation is achieved from a reflexology treatment.
The whole person is treated through the feet, rather than just focussing on a specific organ or system inducing a state of balance and harmony.

About Reflexology. hand reflex

What conditions may be helped by reflexology...

Reflexology helps the body to balance all of the bodily systems. In doing this it can help to:

  • relieve stress
  • stimulate circulation
  • increase energy
  • improve sleep
  • regulate and improve the menstrual cycle
  • alleviate IBS symptoms

    These are just a few examples as well as helping the body to detox for up to 48 hours after a treatment.

Here is a short video about reflexology

Click on the image below to find out more about reflexology.

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